Chenille Patches

Chenille Patches



With our selection of chenille school patches you can recognize all

types of school achievements and give your students school awards to be proud of!

Choose from hundreds of chenille patch shapes and designs ranging from sports, to music to academics.

Chenille Shape Patches

Our shape and panel jacket patches serve as blank canvases for any and all student accomplishments. Just choose from circle, star, shield or ID panel patches, among others, and add your text with musical, academic or mascot inserts to display any type of student achievement.

Sports Patches

Check out our chenille sport patches, which feature all of your favorite school sports. Choose from a huge variety of chenille patches that includes baseball sport patches,football sport patches, weightlifting sport patches, track sport patches, cheerleading sport patches, volleyball sport patches, basketball sport patches, among others. No matter what you select, our custom jacket patches will beautifully display student athlete participation and achievement.


Music, Fine Arts & Activity Chenille Patches

Give your students something to be proud of with our custom-made chenille band and music patches!  Chenille band and music shape patches, feature music jacket patches like lyres and eighth notes, fine arts jacket patches like drama and ballet, and activity jacket patches like crossed flags, among others. Our collection is the perfect way to proudly display musical achievements for every level of student participation and each type of activity.

Chenille State Patches        

Put yourself on the map with chenille state patches to honor tournament appearances, successful seasons and state titles or championships in your home location. State jacket patches are cut in the shape of your state and can be personalized with your choice of felt, chenille colors, text and sport or mascot swiss inserts.

Numbers, Positions and Weight Classes    

Our numbers, positions and weight classes jacket patches are yet another way for your students to customize their varsity jackets from top to bottom! Give your students the opportunity to proudly display their athletic position, weight classes, or player numbers—the options are endless! With these custom jacket patches that allow you to create connected numbers and letters of any kind, your students’ varsity jackets can be completely customized and personal.


Chenille Graduation Year Patches     

Your students’ varsity jackets will be sure to make an impact with chenille graduation year patches! Proudly displaying graduation year, with our two digit graduation year jacket patches, jacket patches with tails, and block graduation years.

Script Chenille Names and Words

These beautiful script chenille jacket patches are as personalized as you get! And with our online builder, you can see a virtual preview of nearly any name or text you want to display on your varsity jacket. Our script chenille patches are available in 2″ script chenille, 3″ script chenille and 4″ script chenille sizes, and with our without a tail below the text. Add swiss inserts to script patches with tails for a completely personalized design.

Chenille Academic Patches

Recognize scholastic achievements with our timeless collection of academic patches, featuring an array of scholarly designs, including torches, lamps and scrolls. Add your scholastic achievements or school name to your academic jacket patches for a unique design.

Chenille Numerals, Chenille Stars, Chenille Bars, Chenille Chevrons

Recognize individual participation, varsity lettermen and exemplary achievements with traditional chenille numerals, stars, bars and chevrons. Our collection of numerals, stars, bars & chevrons are as classic as you can get. If tradition and pride run deep in your school, honor your history with our custom-made numerals, stars, bars & chevrons!

Chenille Monograms

Does your school’s name have more than one letter? We are proud to offer the highest-quality chenille monograms, which are available in 2″, 3″ and 4″ letter styles. Choose from any of our chenille lettering styles for your chenille monogram and add custom chenille colors, felt and inserts.

Chenille Mascot Patches   

Choose from our collection of chenille mascot patches for a spirited design that displays your school brand and spirit. Customize our stock mascots with your own school colors, or reach out to us directly to create a custom mascot patch that’s 100% unique. Choose from a variety of traditional mascot jacket patches, ranging from lions to tigers, eagles to cardinals, and trojans to knights, among others. No matter what you select, our custom patches will beautifully display school pride and participation.


Chenille Jacket Patches

At Varsity Letterman Jackets by Ralph, we’ve been specializing in the chenille patch business for the past 20 years, and we take pride in providing you custom chenille jacket patches to meet your needs. That’s why all of our chenille jacket patches are available in a variety of sizes and colors and can be completely customized to suit not only your school, but each individual student as well. Give us a call if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’d be glad to create a custom chenille patch just for you.





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